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Special offers

Special offers

Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Breathe in Ibiza’s Blooming Paradise

Breathe in Ibiza’s Blooming Paradise

Awaken in Ibiza this spring. Luxurious beachfront stays, vibrant blooms, tranquil waters.

Rediscover the essence of spring in the heart of Ibiza at our Boutique Apartments, where luxury meets the serene beauty of Santa Eulalia’s shores.

Situated just 10 meters from the beach, our collection of 12 contemporary, lavish apartments offers an unparalleled retreat. Each modern room, equipped with a kitchen, balcony, and spacious bathroom, is a testament to luxury and design.

The "Breathe in Ibiza’s Blooming Paradise" spring offer invites you to immerse in the vibrant blossoms and azure waters of Ibiza. Wake up to the gentle sound of waves, spend your days exploring the island's lush landscapes, and your evenings under a canopy of stars. This is not just a getaway; it's an experience designed for those who seek to blend relaxation with the exhilarating renewal of spring in Ibiza. Ideal for all, this package promises a harmonious blend of culture, luxury, and nature’s awakening.

from 87 per night
Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Mothers Love Special

Mothers Love Special

Experience Mother’s Day joy at Boutique Hotel Marsol, steps from Sta. Eulalia´s beach in Ibiza

Upon arrival, mothers are greeted with a charming bouquet of flowers and a gourmet welcome amenity served in the privacy of their apartment. Enhance her stay with tailored experiences, including private cooking classes, guided cultural tours, or customized shopping trips designed to indulge her interests. Exclusive restaurant reservations can be arranged to explore the finest local cuisine, ensuring a memorable dining experience. This Mother’s Day, indulge your mother with the ultimate gift of relaxation, culinary delights, and personalized adventures at Marsol, where every detail is curated to create cherished moments.

from 87 per night
Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Ibiza Extended: Your Island Home

Ibiza Extended: Your Island Home

Ibiza Extended: Beachfront luxury, special rates for long stays. Ideal for nomads & families

Unveil the layers of Ibiza’s enchanting lifestyle with our "Ibiza Extended: Your Island Home" package, designed for those who seek more than just a holiday — a temporary life in paradise.

Situated in the tranquil and picturesque Santa Eulalia, mere steps from the beach, our Boutique Apartments offer the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and the warmth of home. Each of our 12 contemporary apartments, featuring spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and expansive balconies with breathtaking views, becomes your haven for an extended stay.

Whether you're a remote worker craving a change of scenery, a family looking for an extended summer adventure, or simply in search of a serene getaway, "Ibiza Extended" offers the space, luxury, and amenities to make your long-term stay unforgettable. Embrace the unique opportunity to live as a local, with all the comforts and conveniences of a high-end apartment in one of Ibiza’s most family-friendly locales.

from 87 per night
Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Innovate, Inspire, Ibiza.

Innovate, Inspire, Ibiza.

Innovate in Ibiza: Work and play in luxury beach apartments. Find balance.

Transform your work-from-anywhere routine into an inspiring journey at our Boutique Apartments in Ibiza, where work-life balance is redefined against the backdrop of Santa Eulalia’s stunning beachfront.

Just 10 meters from the water, our 12 modern apartments serve as your haven of creativity and relaxation. The "Innovate, Inspire, Ibiza" package is tailored for digital nomads and remote workers from all over the world, offering a blend of luxury, design, and connectivity. With spacious bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and balconies overlooking the sea, productivity meets paradise.

Dive into your projects with high-speed internet and after work, dive into the Mediterranean. This offer goes beyond a stay; it’s a polarizing invitation to live, work, and play in Ibiza’s vibrant rhythm, making every day an opportunity to innovate and inspire. Free Wifi, of course!

from 87 per night
Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Ibiza’s Family Oasis: Adventure & Relaxation

Ibiza’s Family Oasis: Adventure & Relaxation

Ibiza Family Oasis: Beachfront luxury, adventure & relaxation in Santa Eulalia.

Embark on a family adventure where the serene and child-friendly shores of Santa Eulalia transform into your playground at our Boutique Apartments, just 10 meters from Ibiza’s inviting beach.

Our "Ibiza’s Family Oasis: Adventure & Relaxation" package is tailored for families seeking a harmonious blend of excitement and tranquility in one of Ibiza’s most enchanting locales. Dive into a world where luxury meets family fun; from sandcastle competitions on the beach to exploring the vibrant marine life with snorkeling adventures, each moment is designed to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. After a day of exploration, retreat to your contemporary haven where comfort and elegance ensure restful nights.

This package not only caters to the physical comforts of a luxurious stay but also nurtures the emotional connections, making your family holiday in Ibiza an unforgettable journey of discovery, laughter, and relaxation. Book now and create unforgettable memories on the Ibiza coast!

from 100 per night
Boutique Apartments Marsol Ibiza | Santa Eulalia del Rio | Fit for Ibiza

Fit for Ibiza

Coming Soon
from 87 per night